How to prepare kava

How to prepare kava - Choose your strain of kava.

So, you are unsure of how to prepare kava, let’s get started. When shopping for kava online, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you’re getting the best product possible.

First, look at the certifications on the product. If it’s not certified as noble kava either from the country of origin or a US or Australian lab, then it might be tudei kava that could make you sick. Also, look at where they were grown—the best kavas are grown in Fiji or Vanuatu, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, try Solomon kava. It’s still good quality!

Then look at the reviews of other customers who have bought this product before. You can also ask your friends what they think about their kavas and which ones they recommend. In particular, ask them which ones they use for their Kava Cocktails (check out some Kava Recipes here).

Choose how you want to prepare kava.

There are a multitude of ways to prepare kava, we cover three of them here.

Traditional Style

Contemporary Strong Style

Using a Kava Shaker

How to prepare kava in the traditional style.

The team from Australia Kava Shop give you the run-down below:

You will need the following:

✔️Kava Powder

✔️Staining bag or

✔️panty hose or an old t-shirt

✔️Warm water

✔️A serving and preparation bowl.

✔️Wear a t-shirt that isn’t white.

✔️10 minutes

Modern version to make stronger kava juice.

Cam from Australia Kava Shop demonstrates below how to prepare kava with a modern twist.

To make a contemporary kava brew that is SUPER strong you will need:

✔️ Kava Powder

✔️Food Ninja/Food Processor

✔️Kava/Nutmeg milk straining bag

✔️Warm Water

✔️Full cream dairy product, i.e. milk

✔️a serving and preparation bowl

✔️a spare 40 minutes

How to prepare kava using the Aluball Kava Shaker

You’ll need:

✔️An Aluball Kava Shaker from Australia Kava Shop.

✔️Your favorite kava powder

✔️2 minutes!

Watch the Australia Kava Shop team give the Aluball shaker a work out below:

How to prepare kava - Mixing ratios.

In all of the above clips they reference both the Vanuatu and Fiji water-to-kava ratios. For quick reference we have listed them below

Vanuatu Ratios

How to prepare kava Vanuatu Ratios

Fiji Ratios

How to prepare kava Fiji