Kava and Kombucha Drinks

The dynamic duo - kava and kombucha drinks combined!

Kombucha drink

Kava and kombucha drinks are a dynamic duo when it comes to taste and function. Even though each of these drinks has its own unique properties, when combined, they create a synergistic experience that can be enjoyed in one delicious drink.

Often referred to as the “Pepper Plant”, the dried roots of the Piper Methysticum plant are the source of kava and which contains kavalactones.

So it is this that makes for a natural anti-anxiety substance that has been used for hundreds of years. What’s more, kava is known for its ability to relax muscles, calm nerves, and relieve stress. As we know from experience, this makes it an ideal drink for anyone who is looking to unwind at the end of the day.

You have most likely heard of Kombucha but maybe don’t know much about it. Firstly, Kombucha is made from fermented sweetened tea. Secondly, it has been used since ancient times as an immune system booster and digestive aid. Furthermore, the probiotics found in kombucha help balance gut bacteria, improve digestion, and regulate stomach acidity levels. As you may already know, these are things that can help boost your overall health!

We recommend that you try a drink that’s not only delicious but also helps you feel great! What is it? Well, our signature blend combines the kava, kombucha and fruits and herbs like mangoes, lemons, mint leaves (and more!). The result? We reckon it’s “Heaven in a glass!”

Kava is an excellent alternative for alcoholic drinks

kava plant

Kava is a natural, non-alcoholic drink that’s great for parties, celebrations, and just hanging out. It’s made with kava root, which has been used for centuries as a ceremonial drink in the South Pacific. . It works by calming the mind and body, lowering anxiety and stress levels, and helping you relax more easily. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that’s popular with health-conscious people because it’s believed to have many health benefits.

Kava kombucha drinks for sale

Kava Kombucha Drinks

Kava kombucha drinks are available for purchase in the United States. The drink is made from kombucha tea and is infused with kava root, which is a plant from the pepper family that has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and insomnia. Kava kombucha drinks are sold online and in stores, including Whole Foods Markets and Amazon.