Kava Drinks Around the World

We have listed some of the more popular Ready-to-Drink (canned) kava drinks available around the world.

Kava’s popularity has boomed throughout the world over the past decade. However, the constant challenge has been how to bring kava to a wider audience, because it tastes so bitter.  Beverage specialists world-wide have been working on this problem by adding it to various soda mixes. They then package them in to a ready-to-drink canned format. Here we investigate some of the more successful kava drinks from around the world to make it onto the shelves.

LeiLo Kava Drinks

With kava, the answer to stress could be right in your cup. The root of the kava plant is known to have a calming effect and has long been used as an alternative to alcohol or drugs for those looking for a less-intoxicating way to chill out. Now New York-based beverage startup Leilo is hoping to bring the perfect antidote to mass market.

Kava Drinks Around the World - Leilo Kava Drinks

Slow Cow

Slow Cow ready-to-drink (RTD) kava beverage is fast, convenient and easy – no need to make a kava drink at home. Their kava is sourced from 100% organic kava root growing on the island of Vanuatu in their fields that are certified organic by Carbonfund.org. Slow Cow kava beverage is a great alternative to alcohol, especially if you enjoy the occasional cocktail or beer.

Lava Cola

Lava Cola is the premium kava cola of Vanuatu, known for its unique taste and flavour. Established in 2010, Lava Cola has become one of the most popular bottled kavas in the world. Lava Cola has been officially exported to USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Maryjane's Kava Soda

Mary Jane's Relaxing Kava Soda

If you love kava, but don’t have time to wait for it to brew, or don’t like the taste of kava tea, then Mary Jane’s Relaxing Kava Soda is your answer. Simply pour the powder into a bottle of club soda or seltzer and twist on the cap. Shake to mix, enjoy!